Liberal Use of a Bag Made From a Surgical Glove During Laparoscopic Surgery for Specimens Retrieval

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Summary:Laparoscopic surgery has been gaining wide acceptance in recent years. Tissue removal from the abdominal cavity becomes a paramount issue, especially when the specimen is infected, contains several fragments, or potentially contains a malignancy. Several sophisticated instruments and devices have been designed for this purpose. However, most of these are expensive, difficult to handle, and come in a fixed size. Condoms, glove fingers, and zipper-type plastic bags have been tried also, but with limited success. The authors report use of a simple bag made from a surgical glove to collect specimens; a long purse-string suture surrounds the opening or the base of the glove finger to secure material during retrieval. This method has been found to be simple and convenient, and necessary construction material is readily available. The bag not only protects the specimen from contact with the wound but also cuts short the operating time. The technique and advantages are described.

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