Laparoscopic Exclusion of a Splenic Artery Aneurysm Using a Lateral Approach Permits Preservation of the Spleen

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Summary:Splenic artery aneurysms have commonly accepted therapeutic indications. Operative therapy for splenic artery aneurysms has traditionally consisted of aneurysm resection with a possible splenectomy. Recently, laparoscopic splenic artery aneurysm exclusion has been shown to provide adequate therapy without incurring the morbidity associated with aneurysmectomy and splenectomy. However, an anterior approach to exclusion may result in short gastric and left gastroepiploic artery disruption leading to splenic infarction. Preservation of the spleen can best be assured by a lateral approach, which preserves collateral splenic perfusion. A 51-year-old woman with a distal splenic artery aneurysm, who underwent an uncomplicated laparoscopic splenic artery aneurysm exclusion using a lateral approach, is described.

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