Laparoscopic Intragastric Resection of Gastric Stromal Tumor Located at the Esophago-cardiac Junction
Long-Term Complications of Laparoscopic Ventral and Incisional Hernia Repair
Abandoned Endoscopic Procedures
Video-Assisted Open Thyroid Lobectomy Through a Small Incision
Mediastinal Neurogenic Tumors and Video-Assisted Thoracoscopy
Exposure of Splenic Hilum Increases Safety of Laparoscopic Splenectomy
Ectopic Gallbladder
Laparoscopic Colectomy for Obstructing Sigmoid Cancer With Prior Insertion of an Expandable Metallic Stent
Laparoscopic Suture Rectopexy for Rectal Prolapse in a 22-Month-Old Child
Bilateral Endoscopic Adrenalectomy for Cushing’s Syndrome in a Patient With Polycystic Liver and Kidney Disease
The da Vinci Robot in Right Adrenalectomy
Laparoscopic Management of Antenatally-Diagnosed Abdominal Cysts in Newborns
Case Reports
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Case Reports