Laparoscopy-Assisted Ileal Pouch-Anal Anastomosis: Surgical Outcomes After 10 Cases

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We analyzed outcomes of laparoscopy-assisted ileal pouch-anal anastomosis (LAIPA) from 10 patients (7 with ulcerative colitis and 3 with familial adenomatous polyposis) operated on between January 1998 and March 2004. Median operating time was 246 minutes. There were no intraoperative complications. There were no conversions. Postoperative complications occurred in 3 (30%) patients: 2 cases of wound infection and 1 case of a foreign body retrieved during pouch endoscopy. There was a 30% reoperation rate due to unsuspected duodenal perforation, a persistent postoperative pain, and 1 case of intestinal obstruction after ileostomy closure. There were no deaths. Median time to resumption of diet was 24 hours. Median hospital stay was 7 days. All ileostomies were closed 6 to 8 weeks after LAIPA. LAIPA is feasible and safe and should be selectively offered to nonobese patients.

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