Hand-assisted Laparoscopic Esophagojejunostomy Using Newly Developed Purse-string Suture Instrument “Endo-PSI”

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Although there are several reports on the esophagojejunostomy during laparoscopy-assisted total gastrectomy, the procedures still remain to be established. We report hand-assisted laparoscopic esophagojejunostomy using circular stapler and newly developed instrument “Endo-PSI.” Between April 2005 and April 2006, 13 patients received these products during laparoscopy-assisted total gastrectomy. The Endo-PSI was attached to the abdominal esophagus using hand-assisted laparoscopic surgery. The insertion of the straight needle with 2-0 polypropylene into the device and the cutting of the esophagus were also performed using hand-assisted laparoscopic surgery. The insertion of the anvil head into the esophagus and the ligation of the purse-string suture were performed laparoscopically. After the jejuno-jejunal anastomosis was performed extracorporeally, the combination of the circular stapler for esophagojejunostomy and the closure of the stump of the jejunum were performed laparoscopically. There were no complications attributable to this procedure and there were no cases that required conversion to conventional open procedure or required extension of median incision. This newly developed Endo-PSI was useful for laparoscopic purse-string suture.

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