Use of Endoscopic Snare to Extract a Large Rectosigmoid Foreign Body With Review of Literature

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Rectal foreign bodies are common and various shapes and sizes have been described in literature. Large objects impacted high in the rectosigmoid junction pose a challenge for endoscopic extraction. We describe a method that successfully removed a 15×6×3.5-cm shampoo bottle impacted in the rectosigmoid junction. A 50-year-old man had passed a shampoo bottle up into his rectum. Examination revealed a lax sphincter but the bottle could not be felt. Contrast x-rays showed a well-delineated bottle in the rectosigmoid junction with no evidence of bowel perforation. A flexible sigmoidoscope with an endoscopic snare was used to “lasso” the foreign body and deliver it out. A check sigmoidoscopy after extraction showed no bleeding or perforation. This technique is a safer and less morbid method of extracting impacted high rectal foreign bodies, in the absence of perforation. It should be attempted before open surgical removal.

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