Laparoscopically Assisted Retrieval of Lost IUCD/Foreign Bodies: A Novel Locating Technique With Fluoroscopic Image Intensifier

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Migration of therapeutically implanted intrauterine contraceptive devices and foreign bodies pose challenges in accurate localization and removal through the least invasive method. Laparoscopic removal is the desired method of treatment due to the lessened surgical and anesthetic morbidity and accurate and rapid localization of the devices are imperative in aiding an endoscopic removal. Difficulties in locating the device leads to prolonged intraoperative times and at times culminate in a laparotomy with its attendant increased morbidity. We present a case series where rapid and accurate localization of the devices was achieved by intraoperative usage of the fluoroscopic image intensifier. The image intensifier can view images in real time and can be used intraoperatively, increasing the diagnostic accuracy. We propose that intraoperative imaging by the fluoroscopic image intensifier is a cost effective, rapid, and accurate method of localizing a migrated contraceptive device, thus enabling optimal endoscopic treatment.

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