Minimal Access Surgery For Adult Intussusception With Subacute Intestinal Obstruction: A Single Center's Decade-long Experience

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IntroductionIn adults, 1% to 5% of bowel obstruction is caused by intussusception. In adult intussusception, there will be a demonstrable cause in 90% of cases, acting as the lead point. Laparoscopy is becoming more and more popular in its management. We present our series of intussusception in adults managed laparoscopically.Materials and MethodsBetween 1996 and 2006, we have treated 12 adults with intussusception who presented with acute or subacute intestinal obstruction. Computed tomographic scan confirmed the diagnosis in all cases. Laparoscopic-assisted resection with primary anastomosis was successfully performed for all cases.ResultsMales were more common, average being 38 years. Two patients had colonic carcinoma, as the leading point and the rest were benign tumors. There were no conversions or anastomotic leaks in any patient.DiscussionThe basic principles of surgery involve straightening or removing the involved section of bowel. The outcome of surgery depends on the stage of the intussusception at diagnosis and the underlying cause. If no underlying cause is found in these cases, no specific treatment is required. With early treatment, the outcome is generally excellent.ConclusionsLaparoscopy is a valuable diagnostic and therapeutic tool in the management of adult intussusception. It provides all the benefits of minimal access surgery.

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