Port Site Metastasis of B-cell Lymphoma: A First Occurrence or an Underreported Complication?

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Minimally invasive techniques have been accepted as safe and reliable in the work-up of patients with lymphoproliferative disorders. As the oncologic indications of laparoscopy expand, many authors have raised concerns regarding the occurrence of port site metastases after minimally invasive procedures for a multiform array of neoplastic diseases. A review of the existing literature demonstrates no mention of port site occurrence following staging laparoscopy for malignant hematologic disorders. We report the first case of port site metastasis after diagnostic laparoscopy in a patient with large B-cell lymphoma. As these procedures become more common, we may be exposed to the increasing numbers of patients with this clinical presentation. A clear knowledge of the technical steps to minimize risk of port site metastasis is mandatory for any advanced laparoscopic surgeon.

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