A Simple and Novel Technique for the Placement of Antiadhesive Membrane in Laparoscopic Surgery

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Laparoscopic surgery is less invasive and allows faster recovery from surgery and reduces postoperative recurrence of adhesions and small bowel obstruction (SBO). However, as much as 30% of patients require repeated treatment for the recurrence of SBO owing to formation of adhesions. To reduce such a complication, we developed a new method on the basis of the use of antiadhesive membrane during laparoscopic surgery. This study included 8 consecutive patients for whom laparoscopic surgery was performed, and antiadhesive membrane was placed intraperitoneally over the wound areas using our new technique. After the median follow-up period of over 3 years, recurrence of SBO has not been observed in any of the patients. Laparoscopic surgery requires advanced surgical skills, including the placement of antiadhesive membrane. Our “Seprafilm flag” technique is simple and easy to employ during laparoscopic surgery that allows prevention of postoperative formation of adhesions.

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