Ergonomic Evaluation of the Scrub Nurse's Posture at Different Monitor Positions During Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

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ObjectiveOur aims were to measure the posture and movement of the scrub nurse very accurately, without using any markers, during a minimally invasive surgical procedure.Summary Background DataOne of the most important subjects in ergonomic studies of minimally invasive surgery is the question of the proper placement of monitors.MethodTwo simultaneous and synchronized video recordings were carried out in 2 different monitor setups. The different steps of the operation were identified and measured in seconds. Longer-lasting postures were imported to and analyzed with a software. Results of the different setups were compared with each other, and with an “ideal” comfort posture.ResultsMeasuring the typical postures of the most pronounced static phase, the evolving stress was significantly influenced by different monitor setups.ConclusionsWith the installation of an additional monitor positioned to satisfy the nurse's comfort, the static stress could be decreased.

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