Laparoscopic Pericystectomy for Hydatid Cyst of the Liver

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The greatest disadvantage of conservative surgical procedures in the management of hydatid cyst of the liver is their association with high recurrence rates. Radical surgical procedures such as closed total pericystectomy avoids spillage thereby minimizing recurrences. The use of laparoscopy in performing these radical surgical procedures further reduces the morbidity associated with the open surgery. This study has been carried out to assess the safety and feasibility of laparoscopic pericystectomy in the management of hydatid cyst of liver. Small, peripherally located cysts lying away from major vessels are amenable to laparoscopic pericystectomy successfully whereas, cysts larger than 10 cm, posteriorly located cysts and those lying in close proximity to the major ducts and vessels required conversion owing to bleeding. Therefore, laparoscopic pericystectomy can be regarded as a gold standard for the management of hydatid cyst of the liver in selected patients.

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