Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders When Performing Laparoscopic Surgery

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AimThe aim of this study was to survey the occurrence of musculoskeletal disorders in the population of gynecologists and general surgeons performing laparoscopic surgery.MethodsA questionnaire was distributed to 558 general surgeons and gynecologists and 378 were answered (68%). Descriptive data analysis and statistical calculations were performed.ResultsOne or more disturbing symptoms were common among laparoscopists. More than 70% of the laparoscopists had one or more symptom. Pain was the most common symptom followed by fatigue and stiffness. Lower back, neck, and shoulders were most frequently affected. Headache and visual discomfort were also reported. Longer workload over time and ageing resulted in significantly more disorders (P<0.01). Female physicians had significantly more disorders (P<0.01).ConclusionsThis study revealed musculoskeletal disorders in a majority of laparoscopists. The laparoscopic technique often requires static and tiring work positions, sometimes extreme, which can explain musculoskeletal disorders among general surgeons and gynecologist.

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