Laparoscopic Paracolostomy Hernia Repair: A Retrospective Case Series at a Tertiary Care Center

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BackgroundParacolostomy hernias are one of the most common complications of stomas. Primary repair is associated with a high rate of recurrence. The choice is between mesh-reinforced repair of the defect and relocation of the stoma to another position. The laparoscopic approach seems attractive, as it is minimally invasive, requires shorter hospitalization, and the entry is through a noncontaminated part of the abdomen.Study DesignThis study consists of a case series of 9 patients with paracolostomy hernia, of which 2 had recurrent hernias. All patients presenting with nonobstructed parastomal hernias at our clinic between October 2006 and October 2009 are included in this series. Two patients that presented with obstruction are not included. We describe our technique for this surgery using the laparoscopic approach and discuss the outcomes.ResultsNine patients with permanent colostomies in the left lumbar quadrant after abdominoperineal resection presented with parastomal hernias of varying durations and were subjected to laparoscopic repair. The average operating time was 112 minutes. All the patients were mobilized postoperatively and were discharged by 48 hours. None of the patients have reported any complication, including recurrence.ConclusionsLaparoscopic repair of paracolostomy hernia using a technique involving intracorporeal suturing of defect followed by reinforcement by a tissue-separating mesh is safe and feasible.

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