Laparoscopic Surgery for Primary Retroperitoneal Tumors: A Single Institution Experience of 14 Cases

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ObjectiveTo evaluate the feasibility and outcomes of laparoscopic surgery for primary retroperitoneal tumors (PRTs).MethodsBetween January 2007 and July 2009, laparoscopic resection was attempted of PRT in 14 patients. The histological type of the tumor, operating characteristics, and outcomes were analyzed.ResultsIn the 14 patients (4 male), the median age was 44 years, with a median tumor diameter of 7.6 cm. Laparoscopic resection was successfully performed in 13 patients with a solely laparoscopic approach (n=11) or combined with a hand-assistant procedure (n=2). One case (epithelioid hemangioma) was converted to laparotomy. The median operating time for laparoscopy was 139 minutes with an estimated average blood loss of 59.2 mL. There were no transfusions or major complications. After a median follow-up of 17 months, all patients remained disease free.ConclusionsLaparoscopic surgery for the resection of PRT is feasible and effective when performed by an experienced surgeon.

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