Small Erosion of Adjustable Gastric Band: Endoscopic Removal Through Incision in Gastric Wall

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The erosion of a laparoscopic adjustable gastric band (LAGB) can cause pain that is not controlled by analgesics. In such cases, early endoscopic removal may be indicated, but only when gastric penetration is greater than 50%. We report the case of a patient with severe shoulder pain due to a small area of LAGB erosion, which was treated with early endoscopic removal through an incision in the gastric wall. The pain worsened after eating and gastroscopy revealed slight gastric erosion of the band under the cardia. The gastric wall covering the LAGB was incised using an endoscopic needle knife. In a second upper endoscopy performed 7 days later at the endoscopy suite, endoscopic scissors were used to cut the thread and part of the band lock. The open band was then removed orally. This novel endoscopic incision in the gastric wall hastened band erosion and avoided abdominal reoperation.

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