A Case of a Gastric Submucosal Tumor Treated With Combined Therapy Using Superselective TAE and Endoscopic Local Resection

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The case was a 76-year-old female, who was noted to have a gastric submucosal tumor 25 mm in size located at the lesser curvature of the gastric body. Computed tomography revealed that the tumor was located near the coronary loop between the left and right gastric arteries. On the day before endoscopic local resection, abdominal angiography was performed and it revealed that the tumor was supplied by the left and right gastric arteries. Superselective transarterial embolization of the left and right gastric arteries around the tumor was performed to prevent accidental bleeding during the endoscopic procedure. Endoscopic local resection using full-thickness resection and submucosal dissection techniques was performed under general anesthesia. The tumor was completely resected without accidental bleeding. A gastric wall defect was closed using metallic clips and loop snares. Histologic examination revealed that the tumor was a low-risk gastrointestinal stromal tumor. We suggest that the combined therapy using superselective transarterial embolization and endoscopic local resection is an optional safe method for the treatment of gastric submucosal tumors.

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