Factors Influencing Laparoscopic Colorectal Operative Duration and its Effect on Clinical Outcome

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Background:This study aimed to identify factors affecting laparoscopic colorectal operative duration and determine the impact of prolonged operative time.Methods:Data were collected prospectively on all laparoscopic colorectal operations performed within 1 institution over a period of 4 years. Patients’ demographics, CR-POSSUM scores, intraoperative details, surgeon experience, and postoperative outcomes were recorded and assessed in relation to operative duration.Results:Two hundred laparoscopic colorectal operations were performed (137 cancers, 63 benign). Operation duration correlated to operation type (P<0.001) and CR-POSSUM mortality risk (P=0.03). Operative duration positively correlated with incidence of postoperative complications (P=0.02) and length of stay (P=0.05). Operation time >180 minutes was associated with increased incidence of postoperative complications (P=0.006).Conclusions:The type of laparoscopic colorectal surgical operation performed has a significantly greater impact upon operative duration than individual patient parameters, pathology, or surgical experience. Operative time is associated with a greater risk of complications and longer hospital stay.

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