Laparoscopic Resection of Isolated Hepatic Splenosis Mimicking Liver Tumors: Case Report With a Literature Review

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Isolated hepatic splenosis is a rare condition in hepatobiliary surgery. In this study, we report a case of this condition managed by laparoscopic surgery. A 38-year-old male hepatitis B virus carrier, who had a motorcycle accident and splenectomy 14 years before the current incident, was hospitalized due to a hepatic mass. His laboratory tests were consistent with a hyposplenic state, whereas radiologic images revealed a benign tumor in the left liver lobe located in a site difficult to access with preoperative biopsy. Therefore, we performed a laparoscopic exploration and total resection, which revealed a bluish oval encapsulated nodule in the narrow gap between the diaphragm, falciform ligament, and left hepatic capsule. The pathologic diagnosis was hepatic splenosis. Unlike other patients with multiple intraperitoneal lesions and relatively normal splenism, this is the first case of isolated hepatic splenosis with evident hyposplenism managed by laparoscopic approach in the English literature.

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