Echinococcus of the Liver Treated With Laparoscopic Subadventitial Pericystectomy

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Purpose:Because of the new radical procedure, subadventitial pericystectomy, has succeed in treatment for the liver hydatid cysts. The aim of this report is to describe the technical details of our laparoscopic method and report the initial results.Methods:Six patients were considered for laparoscopic subadventitial pericystectomy treatment from March 2009 and May 2011.Results:A laparoscopic surgical technique was used in all cases. The total subadventitial pericystectomy was successfully performed in 2 patients (33.3%) and subtotal subadventitial pericystectomy was performed in 4 patients (66.7%). The mean operating time was 158.3 minutes (range, 90 to 270 min). Complications were observed in 2 patients postoperatively. Postoperatively the mean length of hospital stay was 6.3 days (range, 4 to 10 d). No recurrence was found after laparoscopic surgery in all the patients. The mean follow-up was 15.6 months (range, 6 to 25 mo).Conclusions:Laparoscopy subadventitial pericystectomy is effective and reliable in selected patients. It can be a useful alternative for treating hepatic hydatid disease.

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