The Role of Laparoscopy in the Management of Liver Hydatid Cyst: A Single-center Experience and World Review of the Literature

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Surgery is still the main modality in the treatment of hepatic hydatid disease. Laparoscopic methods, with their low morbidity, have gained prominence in many fields and, in some cases, have nearly replaced open surgery. In this report, a laparoscopic method for the treatment of hepatic hydatid disease is described, and the results in the 46 cases are presented and the published articles were reviewed. The method involves laparoscopic cystectomy, pericystectomy, and liver resection for hydatid disease. The postoperative courses of the patients were very comfortable and no complication related to the laparoscopic technique occurred. The postoperative parameters and the early follow-up results (average, 18 mo) are very encouraging. Laparoscopic treatment of liver hydatid disease is safe and effective in selected patients and offers all the advantages of a laparoscopic surgery. In experienced hands, laparoscopic pericystectomy have lower morbidity and recurrence rate compared with cystectomy.

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