Single-Trocar Transumbilical Laparoscopy-assisted Management of Complicated Jejunal Diverticula

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Small-intestinal nonmeckelian diverticula are very uncommon and are considered to be acquired pulsion diverticula. Most of these diverticula are asymptomatic and are simply incidental findings. Complicated-acquired diverticular disease of the jejunum and ileum is a diagnostic dilemma. Small-bowel diverticulum is diagnosed with the aid of radiography techniques, such as small-bowel contrast series or enteroclysis. Laparotomy remains the gold standard for a definite diagnosis of asymptomatic and complicated diverticula, but laparoscopy is also very useful in the diagnosis and treatment of this condition. A surgical approach is the best form of treatment for complicated jejunoileal diverticula. The current report is about a patient who presented with iron deficiency anemia caused by a complicated jejunal diverticulum and managed with single-trocar transumbilical laparoscopy.

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