Thoracoscopic Enucleation of Esophageal Submucosal Tumor by Prone Position Under Artificial Pneumothorax by CO2 Insufflation

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Recently, the usefulness of the prone position for thoracoscopic esophagectomy has been demonstrated. Thoracoscopic resection of an esophageal submucosal tumor using a prone position also offers advantages over a lateral decubitus position. We describe 2 cases operated on using the prone position for the resection of esophageal submucosal tumor. Case 1 was a 35-year-old man, who was diagnosed with a 50×20 mm leiomyoma in the middle thoracic esophagus, and underwent right thoracoscopic tumor enucleation. Case 2 was a 61-year-old female, who had 45×30 mm esophageal schwannoma in the lower thoracic esophagus with symptoms of dysphagia, and underwent left thoracoscopic tumor enucleation. No complication was observed in both cases. Thoracoscopic esophageal submucosal resection with prone position may add the merits to conventional decubitus position, such as superior visualization, and less bleeding. The side of incision should be determined according to the location of the tumor and anatomic rationality.

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