Safety and Feasibility of Retrieval of Intragastric Balloon Followed by Antiobesity Surgery on the Same Day

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Intragastric balloon insertion can achieve reasonable weight loss before antiobesity surgery. Removal needs to be followed by surgery to prevent subsequent weight gain. This study aims to establish the feasibility and safety of retrieval of the intragastric balloon and sleeve gastrectomy in the same sitting. Patients who had a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (n=9) were compared with those who had endoscopic removal of intragastric balloon followed by laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy in the same sitting (n=5). The 5 patients managed with an intragastric balloon were significantly heavier at all stages of their treatment (P=0.04). The operating time for balloon removal and concomitant sleeve gastrectomy was longer than that of sleeve gastrectomy alone (P=0.035). There were no complications in either group and postoperative hospital stay was similar. In conclusion, concomitant retrieval of an intragastric balloon followed by sleeve gastrectomy is feasible, safe, and cost effective.

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