Single-port Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery: A Developing Technique

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Introduction:Transanal endoscopic microsurgery is a widely used and valid technique with established indications. However, the cost of surgical anoscopes is not available in all centers. Many authors have described transanal resection of rectal tumors through a single laparoscopy port such as the SILS system.Materials and Methods:We analyzed 5 cases of patients undergoing transanal resection with an SILS device. The clinical, surgical, and oncological data were assessed.Results:The median distance to the anal margin was 7.2 cm (range, 5 to 10 cm) and median tumor size was 3 cm (range, 1 to 6 cm). Median operating time was 75 minutes (range, 60 to 120 min). A postsurgical rectorrhagia occurred in 1 of the case. Two cases were adenocarcinoma, 2 were adenomas, and the other was a mucosa without any tumor remnants. The margins were negative in all cases.Conclusions:Transanal resection of rectal tumors using the SILS technique is a feasible procedure. Longer series and prospective studies are necessary.

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