Robot-assisted Laparoscopic Fenestration of Giant Hepatic Cysts

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Background:Traditionally, nonparasitic hepatic cysts are marsupialized using laparotomy. In the last 2 decades, laparoscopic fenestration has become the preferred treatment for hepatic cysts. However, this technique is limited by 2-dimensional view and the limited mobility of straight laparoscopic instruments. These limitations may be overcome by the use of a robotic system. We describe laparoscopic fenestration of giant hepatic cysts using the da Vinci Si robotic system with the use of the Endowrist One Vessel Sealer.Methods:Our first patient is a 32-year-old female with a solitary hepatic cyst. The second patient is a 51-year-old female with polycystic liver disease.Results:We performed robot-assisted laparoscopic cyst fenestration with good clinical outcome. No intraoperative complications occurred and patients recovered rapidly.Conclusion:These data show that the da Vinci Si robotic system is eminently suited for the laparoscopic fenestration of large hepatic cysts and that this procedure is associated with rapid recovery.

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