Laparoscopic Surgery’s 100 Most Influential Manuscripts: A Bibliometric Analysis

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Purpose:Bibliometric analysis of the 100 most cited manuscripts in laparoscopic surgery.Materials and Methods:Web of Science database was used to identify all English language full manuscripts with search terms “laparoscop*” and “surg*.” The 100 most cited publications were analyzed by; topic, journal, author, year, and institution.Results:In total, 71,524 eligible papers were returned with a median citation of 585.76. The 2 most cited papers received 1635 citations each. Nelson and colleagues, compared laparoscopic with open colectomy for malignancy, and Clavien and colleagues, classified postoperative morbidity by severity. Annals of Surgery published the largest number of papers (n=22), and received most citations (n=12,356). The United States (n=55) and 2004 (n=13) had the highest number of publications. The most ubiquitous topic was cancer treatment (n=35), followed by surgical technique (n=24), and comparison of laparoscopic with open surgery (n=22).Conclusions:The most cited topic compared laparoscopic surgical techniques and comparisons thereof with open surgery.

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