Routine Colonoscopy After Acute Diverticulitis: is it Warranted?

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Purpose:Recent evidence suggests routine colonoscopy after acute diverticulitis is not necessary but remains debatable. The aim of this study was to investigate the incidence of follow-up colonoscopic finding of adenoma, advanced neoplastic lesion, and adenocarcinoma after diverticulitis.Materials and Methods:A retrospective review of all cases of acute diverticulitis admitted from November 2015 to April 2018 was performed. Data collected included demographics, computed tomography (CT) findings, and findings of the follow-up colonoscopy within 12 months.Results:A total of 368 patients were admitted for acute diverticulitis. A total of 366 patients underwent CT scan for diagnosis. Of whom, 185 patients (50.5%) had a follow-up colonoscopy; 115 (31.4%) did not have a follow-up colonoscopy, and the remaining have had a recent colonoscopy. The overall incidence of adenomas was 25.9% (n=48) and advanced colonic neoplasia 1.62% (n=3) in patients who underwent follow-up colonoscopy.Conclusions:The finding of advanced colonic neoplasia in follow-up colonoscopy after an acute episode of CT-proven diverticulitis is equivalent to, or less than, that of the population colorectal cancer screening program. Routine colonoscopy is not necessary unless there are other concerning symptoms/CT findings.

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