A New Limb Salvage Surgery in Cases of High-Grade Soft Tissue Sarcoma Using Photodynamic Surgery, Followed by Photo- and Radiodynamic Therapy With Acridine Orange

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Background:To maintain excellent limb function after tumor resection in patients with high-grade malignant sarcomas, we developed and established a new surgical adjuvant therapy using acridine orange (AO) after intra-lesional or marginal resection while sparing normal tissues of major nerves, vessels or bones adjacent to the tumor.Method:Our AO therapy procedure was combined with photodynamic surgery (PDS), photodynamic therapy (PDT) and radiodynamic therapy (RDT). In this study, 26 patients with primary high-grade soft tissue sarcomas were treated with AO therapy.Result:Results showed a low local recurrence rate (7.7%) and good local recurrence-free rate (88%) after AO therapy. Limb function of all patients was maintained at 100% of ISOLS criteria.Conclusion:Based on these results, we concluded that AO therapy is useful for local control after margin-positive tumor resection and for preserving excellent limb function in patients with high-grade soft tissue sarcomas.

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