Function-Preserving Parotid Surgery for Benign Tumors Involving the Deep Parotid Lobe

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Background:Parotid deep lobe tumors have usually been removed by total parotidectomy, which has functional and aesthetic side effects. Limited partial parotidectomy may result in fewer side effects.Methods:We evaluated functional outcomes in 19 patients undergoing limited partial parotidectomy for benign tumors, 11 with deep lobe tumors and 8 with tumors involving both superficial and deep lobes, who underwent partial parotidectomy with preservation of normal glandular parenchyma and limited dissection of the facial nerve. Complications and salivary and cosmetic functions were evaluated at 6 and 12 months after surgery.Results:Median operation time was 1.5 hr. Five patients experienced temporary facial weakness, and 1 developed Frey's syndrome. All patients experienced full recovery of facial nerve function within 6 months. Mean stimulated parotid salivary flow on the operated side was 74% of the preoperative level. All patients had symmetrical facial contours without sunken defects. No patient had tumor recurrence after a median follow-up of 40 months.Conclusion:Limited resection of benign tumors involving the parotid deep lobe may result in improved functional outcomes, including preserved salivary flow and beneficial cosmetic aspects, without compromising local tumor control.

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