Local and regional therapies for melanoma: Many arrows in the quiver
Laser ablation and cryotherapy of melanoma metastases
Treatment of metastatic melanoma with electrochemotherapy
Topical immunotherapy with diphencyprone for in transit and cutaneously metastatic melanoma
Intralesional therapy with PV-10 (Rose Bengal) for in-transit melanoma
Intralesional immunotherapy for melanoma
Intra-lesional interleukin-2 therapy for in transit melanoma
Isolated limb perfusion with melphalan for melanoma
Isolated limb perfusion for in-transit melanoma metastases: Melphalan or TNF-melphalan perfusion?
Isolated limb infusion with melphalan and actinomycin D for melanoma: A systematic review
Isolated limb infusion: Technical aspects
Isolated limb infusion as a model to test new agents to treat metastatic melanoma
Radiofrequency ablation in metastatic melanoma
Radiation therapy for advanced and metastatic melanoma
Intra-arterial infusion and chemo-embolization for melanoma liver metastases
Isolated hepatic perfusion for metastatic melanoma