The College of Surgeons of Hong Kong The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh The Asian Surgical Association Conjoint Scientific Congress 2015 / 20th Asian Congress of Surgery “Surgery for Tomorrow's Asia”
Surgical narcissism
Audit on surgical patients' understanding of their informed consent
Pyelolithotomy with endoscopic lithotripsy for staghorn calculi in a solitary kidney
Heterogeneity in practice during negative scrotal exploration for clinically-suspected testicular torsion
Sex differences in risk factors for interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome in patients with lower urinary tract symptoms in China
Fat grafting: A safe and effective treatment of craniofacial depression
Primary paraganglioma of urinary bladder: Case series and review of the literature
Appendicitis in abdominal wall hernia: Case series and literature review
Endoscopic hemithyroidectomy using bilateral axillo-breast approach
Flexible bronchoscopic resection of endobronchial hamartoma with electrosurgical snaring
Surgical Practice February 2015 CME for Fellows