A review of the gross anatomy, functions, pathology, and clinical uses of the buccal fat pad
Investigation and review of myocardial bridges in adult cadaver hearts and angiographs
Morphology and compartmentation of the jugular foramen in adult Indian skulls
Morphometry of iliac anchorage for transiliac screws: a cadaver and CT study of the Eastern population
Reformatted computed tomographic evaluation of the thoracic pedicle in a Chinese population for the surgical application of transpedicular screw placement
Variable patterns of cutaneous innervation on the dorsum of foot in fetuses
A mini pig model for visualization of perforator flap by using angiography and MIMICS
Digastric olecranon osteotomy: feasibility study of a new approach to the elbow
Description of sulcal organization of the insular cortex
Endoscopic anatomy and approaches of the cavernous sinus: cadaver study
Bilateral symmetric junctional infarctions of the cerebellum: a case report
An unreported anatomical finding: unusual insertions of the stylohyoid and digastric muscles
Congenital absence of the semimembranosus muscle: case report
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