A new lateral approach to the parasacral sciatic nerve block
Effect of Q-angle on patellar positioning and thickness of knee articular cartilages
Denervation point for neuromuscular blockade on lateral pectoral nerves
Predicted cervical canal enlargement and effective cord decompression following expansive laminoplasty using cervical magnetic resonance imaging
Vascular components of the posterior mediastinum
Temporal bone imaging using digital volume tomography and computed tomography
Computed tomographic angiography of the superior sagittal sinus and bridging veins
Variable osseous anatomy of costal surface of scapula and its implications in relation to snapping scapula syndrome
Detection of buccal perimandibular neurovascularisation associated with accessory foramina using limited cone-beam computed tomography and gross anatomy
The surgical importance of an axillary arch in sentinel node biopsy
Branching patterns of the male internal iliac artery
The study techniques of Asian, American, and European medical students during gross anatomy and neuroanatomy courses in Poland
Cystoduodenal ligament as an abnormal fold and the accompanying anatomical and clinical implications
Anatomic relationship between the spinal accessory nerve and the jugular vein
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