Cardiac Transplantation—An Anesthetic Challenge
Continuous Monitoring of Mixed Venous Oxygen Tension (PvO2) in Cardiorespiratory Disorders
Pulmonary Effects of Albumin Resuscitation for Severe Hypovolemic Shock
Pressure-Volume Relationships in the Lung during Laparoscopy
The Effect of Halothane Anesthesia on Heart Function during Normovolemia and Hypovolemia in the Dog
The Effect of Halothane on the Distribution of Cardiac Output and Organ Blood Flows in the Hemorrhagic Hypotensive Dog
Fertility, Reproduction and Postnatal Survival in Mice Chronically Exposed to Halothane
Cerebral Effects of Nitrous Oxide in the Dog
Physical Characteristics of and Rates of Nitrous Oxide Diffusion into Tracheal Tube Cuffs
Venous Pain and Involuntary Muscular Movements during and after Administration of Etomidate
The Effect of Etomidate and Thiopental on Increased Intracranial Pressure
Relationship between Diazepam Dose, Plasma Level, Age, and Central Nervous System Depression
Pain and Clinical Thrombophlebitis following Intravenous Diazepam and Lorazepam
Correlation between Plasma Diphenhydramine Level and Sedative and Antihistamine Effects
Possible Adverse Effects from Topical Ocular 10% Phenylephrine
Massive Propranolol Therapy and Uncomplicated Cardiac Surgery
Responses to Atropine, Glycopyrrolate, and Riopan of Gastric Fluid pH and Volume in Adult Patients
Intubation Lesions of the Larynx
Prevention of Complications from Prolonged Tracheal Intubation
Late Complications of Prolonged Tracheal Intubation
Management of Expected Acute Airway Obstruction
Needle Tracheostomy for Acute Upper Airway Obstruction
Positive End-Expiratory Pressure
Does PEEP Improve Intraoperative Arterial Oxygenation in Grossly Obese Patients?
Flail Chest Syndrome and Pulmonary Contusion
A New Technique for External Heart Compression
Anesthesia in Multiple Sclerosis
The Effects of Warmed and Humidified Ventilation upon the Uptake of Halothane by the Lungs
Anesthetic Experience with Cardiac Transplantation
Ketamine-Diazepam Anaesthesia for Abdominal Surgery
Ketamine Infusions
Ketamine Sequelae
A Comparison between Ketamine and Diazepam as Induction Agents for Pericardiectomy
Enflurane Anaesthesia in Epileptics
Methohexitone-Induced Convulsions in Epileptics
A Dose-Response Study in Man of the Metabolism of Enflurane Used as a Supplement
Cardiovascular Haemodynamics during Enflurane-Pancuronium Anaesthesia in Patients with Valvular Heart Disease
Comparative Evaluation of Neuro-muscular Blockade after Pancuronium Administration in Patients with and without Renal Failure
Cardiac Dysrhythmia following Reversal of Neuromuscular Blockade in Geriatric Patients
Thiopentone and Pancuronium Crash Induction. A Comparison with Thiopentone and Suxamethonium
Myocardial Necrosis following General Anesthesia in Hemoglobin SC Disease
General Anaesthesia and Changes on the Cerebral Function Monitor
Iatrogenic Benign Hyperthermia in Children
Malignant Hyperthermia in a Six-Month Old Infant
Ketamine-Droperidol-Dualanaesthesia for Surgical and Diagnostic Procedures in Paediatric Ophthalmology
Prolonged Adverse Reactions to Ketamine in Children
A Comparative Study of Halothane and Enflurane in Paediatric Outpatient Anaesthesia
A New Concept in Controlled Ventilation of Children with the Bain Anesthetic Circuit
Acute Epiglottitis in Children
Cesarean Section and Maternal Mortality in Rhode Island
Clinical-Experimental Studies on the Use of Ethrane in Obstetrical Anaesthesia
Directional Spinals in Obstetric Analgesia
Epidural Block in Twin Labour and Delivery
Comparison of Epidural Saline Placement and Epidural Blood Placement in the Treatment of Post-Lumbar-Puncture Headache
Persistent Orthostatic Hypotension after Epidural Analgesia
Percutaneous Epidural Stimulation of the Spinal Cord for Relief of Pain. Long Term Results
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation in the Management of Pancreatitis Pain
Systemic and Regional Blood Flow during Epidural Anesthesia with Epinephrine in the Rhesus Monkey
Sequence of Return of Neurological Function and Criteria for Safe Ambulation following Subarachnoid Block (Spinal Anaesthesia)
Anaesthetic Techniques for Surgical Correction of Fractured Neck of Femur. A Comparative Study of Spinal and General Anaesthesia in the Elderly
Role of Pulmonary Vascular Resistance Measurements in Preoperative Evaluation of Candidates for Pulmonary Resection
The Effect of Premedicant Drugs on the Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES)
An Appraisal of the Anaesthetist-Patient Relationship
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