A Public Relations Agency for Anesthesia?
Effects of Enflurane Anesthesia on the Function of Ischemically Damaged Kidneys
Compatibility of Enflurane and Adrenaline-Experiments in the Dog
Antagonism of Pancuronium and Its Metabolites by Neostigmine in Cats
Comparative Pharmacokinetics of d-Tubocurarine and Metocurine in Man
Influence of Cimetidine on Cardiovascular Parameters in Man
Effect of Scopolamine on Maze Learning Performance in Humans
Effect of Albumin Infusion on Pulmonary Microvascular Fluid and Protein Transport
Changes in Neurologic Status and Intracranial Pressure Associated with Sodium Nitroprusside Administration
Effects of Ketamine and Halothane on Normal and Asthmatic Smooth Muscle of the Airway in Guinea Pigs
Critical Plasma Pentobarbital Levels in the Treatment of Acute Ischemie Stroke
Measurement of Ventilatory Reserve as an Indicator for Early Extubation after Cardiac Operation
Cerebral Surveillance during Cardiac Surgery
Myocardial Ischemia during Non-Cardiac Surgical Procedures in Patients with Coronary-Artery Disease
Hemodynamic and Cardiometabolic Effects of Infrarenal Aortic and Common Iliac Artery Declamping in Man—An Approach to Optimal Volume Loading
Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation in Severe Acute Respiratory Failure. A Randomized Prospective Study
Correct Placement of Endotracheal Tubes
A Retrospective Comparison of Spinal and General Anesthesia for Transurethral Resection of the Prostate
Redistribution of Body Heat during Anaesthesia
Helium-Oxygen Mixtures during Bronchoscopy
Lidocaine as An Analgesic for Experimental Pain
Airway Maintenance in the Morbidly Obese
Ventilation-Perfusion Relationship in Young Healthy Awake and Anesthetized-Paralyzed Man
Liver Function following Repeated Anaesthesia. Method of Study and Interim Results
A Prospective Study of Liver Enzyme and Other Changes following Repeat Administration of Halothane and Enflurane
Hepatitis Associated with Enflurane Anesthesia
Renal Function and Fluoride Formation and Excretion during Enflurane Anaesthesia
Enflurane in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease
Spontaneous-Ventilation General Anesthesia for Outpatients using Enflurane
Comparison of Effects of Several Inhalation Anaesthetics on Caffeine Induced Contractures of Normal and Malignant Hyperthermic Skeletal Muscle
Malignant Hyperthermia
Recrudescence after Survival of an Initial Episode of Malignant Hyperthermia
Anesthesia in Ophthalmology in the Elderly
Plasma Catecholamine Levels during Local Anesthesia for Cataract Operations
Oculocardiac Reflex in Ophthalmologic Surgery
Intraocular Pressure during Enflurane and Neurolept Anesthesia in Adult Patients undergoing Ophthalmic Surgery
Pulmonary Embolism during Operation
Tracheal Laceration with Massive Subcutaneous Emphysema
Ketamine Infusions
Pancuronium Reduces Halothane Requirement in Man
The Absence of Antagonism by Naloxone during Halothane/Nitrous Oxide Anaesthesia in Man
Clinical Effects of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen Mixtures at Sea-Level and at 1700 Meters Altitude
Regurgitation during Pelvic Laparoscopy
The Effect of Equi-Analgesic Doses of Fentanyl, Morphine, Meperidine and Pentazocine on Common Bile Duct Pressure
Hypercapnia and Hyperkalaemia
Premedication for Elective Caesarean Section
Maternal Blood-Gas Tensions (PAo2—Pao2), Physiological Shunt and VD/VT during General Anaesthesia for Caesarean Section
Effects of Ketamine on the Pregnant Uterus
Bupivacaine, 0.125 Per Cent, in Obstetric Epidural Analgesia
High Spinal Anesthesia with Bupivacaine following Obstetric Epidural Block Technique
A Study of the Plasma Concentrations of Lorazepam in the Mother and Neonate
Influence of Age on the Endocrine-Metabolic Response to Surgery
The Response to Epidural Steroid Injections in Chronic Dorsal Root Pain
Caudal Block
Cryoanalgesia for Post-Thoracotomy Pain
Local Nerve Blocks for Postoperative Analgesia
Absorption of Lidocaine following Subarachnoid and Epidural Administration
Prevention of Postoperative Lymphopenia and Granulocytosis by Epidural Analgesia
Prophylactic Epidural Blood Patch
Should Operations Be Regionalized? The Empirical Relation between Surgical Volume and Mortality
Psychomotor Performance following Exposure to Trace Concentrations of Inhalation Anesthetics
Evaluation of Hospital-Based Cardiac Resuscitation, 1973–77
“What are your criteria for the selection of nasotracheal intubation in the awake versus the anesthetized patient?”
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