The Regional Use of Narcotic Analgesia
Pulmonary Edema Associated with Reduction in Plasma Oncotic Pressure
Changes in Blood Pressure with Varying Rates of Administration of d-Tubocurarine
Potentiation of Neuromuscular Blockade in Man Produced by Combinations of Pancuronium and Metocurine or Pancuronium and d-Tubocurarine
Neuromuscular Drug Interactions of Clinical Importance
Thiopental-Nitrous Oxide-Halothane Anesthesia and Repeated Succinylcholine
A Controlled Study of the Effect of Succinylcholine Self-Taming on Intraocular Pressure
Masseter Spasm after Pancuronium
Opiate Analgesia
Opioid and Nonopioid Mechanisms of Stress Analgesia
Intravenous Fentanyl Kinetics
Naloxone Reversal of Morphine-Induced Peripheral Vasodilation
Sudden Death following Naloxone Administration
Time-Course of Formation of Volatile Reductive Metabolites of Halothane in Humans and an Animal Model
Factors Influencing Halothane Hepatotoxicity in the Rat Hypoxic Model
Influence of Halothane and Enflurane on Respiratory Airflow Resistance and Specific Conductance in Anesthetized Man
Respiratory Depression following Diazepam
Cerebral Circulatory and Metabolic Responses to Intravenously Administered Lorazepam
Failure of Intramuscularly Administered Lorazepam and Scopolamine-Morphine Premedication to Produce Amnesic Effects to Supplement Conduction Anaesthesia
Thiopental Anaphylaxis and Reagin Involvement
Anaphylaxis Due to Thiopental Sodium Anesthesia
Epidural Versus General Anaesthesia for Total Hip Arthroplasty in Elderly Patients
Effect of Epidural Versus General Anaesthesia on Calf Blood Flow
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) by Face Mask
Airway Closure during Anaesthesia, and Its Prevention by Positive End Expiratory Pressure
Treatment of Acute Respiratory Failure with Low-Frequency Positive-Pressure Ventilation and Extracorporeal Removal of CO2
Improved Metal Endotracheal Tube for Laser Surgery of the Airway
The Case for Abandonment of Explosive Anesthetic Agents
Vagal Techniques for Termination of Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia
Liver Function Tests in Surgical Infection and Malnutrition
Effects of High-Frequency Positive Pressure Ventilation (HFPPV) and General Anesthesia on Intrapulmonary Gas Distribution in Patients undergoing Diagnostic Bronchoscopy
Ventilation by High-Frequency Oscillation in Humans
Continuous Infusion of Etomidate as a Method for Outpatient Anesthesia
The Effect of Premfedication on Subjective Postanesthetic Complaints in Ambulatory Patients
Complications Associated with Ambulatory Surgery
Hemodynamic Response to Infrarenal Aortic Cross-Clamping in Patients with and without Coronary Artery Disease
Antihypertensive Therapy with Diazoxide during Anaesthesia
Tracheal Tube Cuff Volume Changes during Extracorporeal Circulation
Balanced Anesthesia with Nalbuphine Hydrochloride
The Effects of Halothane Anesthesia (HAL), Neuroleptanalgesia (NLA) and Electrohypalgesia (EHA) on Alertness with Respect to Personality Factors E (Extraversion), P (Psychoticism) and N (Neuroticism)
Prolonged Myoclonic Contractions after Enflurance Anaesthesia—A Case Report
Complications of Airway Intrusion in 100 Consecutive Cases in a Pediatric ICU
Cardiopulmonary Parameters during High PEEP in Children
Nasal Deformities in Neonates. Their Occurrence in Those Treated with Nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure and Nasal Endotracheal Tubes
An Evaluation of the Jet Injector (Sanders) Technique for Bronchoscopy in Paediatric Patients
Extrapyramidal Syndromes after Premedication with Droperidol in Children
Intrathecal Morphine as Sole Analgesic during Labour
Morphine-Induced Peridural Analgesia for Obstetrics
Experiences with Lumbar Extradural Analgesia for Caesarean Section
Postpartum Acute Subdural Hematoma
Intravenous Albumin Administration for Prevention of Spinal Hypotension during Cesarean Section
Intrathecal Morphine
Respiratory Arrest after Intrathecal Morphine. A Case Report
The Effective Use of Epidural Morphine Sulfate for Postoperative Orthopedic Pain
Epidural Opiate and Perioperative Analgesia
Pain Control with Epidural Injection of Morphine
Age and the Spread of Local Anesthetic Solutions in the Epidural Space
Cardiocirculatory Changes following Peridural Anesthesia with Local Anesthetics with and without Epinephrine in Elderly Patients
The Effects of Epidural Anesthesia on the Urethral Closure Pressure Profile in Patients with Prostatic Enlargement
Spinal Anesthesia
Effect of Baricity on Spinal Anaesthesia with Amethociane
Retinal Vascular Effects of Stellate Ganglion Block on Retinal Artery Occlusion
Comparison of Three Methods of Respiratory Care following Upper Abdominal Surgery
Medicolegal Standards for Critical Care Medicine
Adverse Occurrences in Intensive Care Units
New Developments in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Intracardiac Injections during Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. A Low-Risk Procedure
Fatalities from Blood Transfusion
Intraoperative Hemolysis. The Initial Manifestation of Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency
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