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The Clinical Pharmacology of BW A444U
Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Effects of Diltiazem
Comparison of Effects of Intraoperative and Postoperative Methadone
Baroreflex Sensitivity as a Determinant of Responses to Hydralazine in Dogs
Effects of Halothane, Thiamylal, and Ketamine on Central Sympathetic and Vagal Tone
Droperidol Inhibits the Effects of Intravenous Ketamine on Central Hemodynamics and Myocardial Oxygen Consumption in Patients with Generalized Atherosclerotic Disease
Spontaneous Motility of Large Bowel Taenia Following Morphine, Thiopental and Dehydrobenzperidol
Is Theophylline, Aminophylline, or Caffeine (Methylxanthines) Contraindicated in Malignant Hyperthermia Susceptible Patients?
Vasopressin Release Following Operation Upon the Vagina Performed Under General Anesthesia or Epidural Analgesia
Lubrication of Tracheal Tubes to Prevent Sore Throat from Intubation
The Influence of Endotracheal Tube Cuff Design and Cuff Lubrication on Postoperative Sore Throat
Controlled Hypotensive Anesthesia to Reduce Blood Loss in Radical Cystectomy for Bladder Cancer
The Effects of Prophylactic Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure on the Resolution of Oleic Acid-Induced Lung Injury in Dogs
Evaluation of Transesophageal Doppler Detection of Air Embolism in Dogs
Clinical Evaluation of Org NC 45
ORG NC45 for Short Intra-Abdominal Operations
Systemic Vascular Responses to Atracurium During Enflurane-Nitrous-Oxide Anesthesia in Humans
Use of Atracurium in Patients with No Renal Function
Use of Atracurium During General Surgery Monitored by the Train-of-Four Stimuli
A Matched Comparison of Four Suxamethonium Administration Techniques in Patients with Strabismus
Calcium Gluconate Pretreatment for Prevention of Succinylcholine-Induced Myalgia
Patient Awareness During Nitrous Oxide, Oxygen, and Halothane Anesthesia
Anesthesia Management in a Field Hospital in Thailand with Special Emphasis on Ketamine
Psychomimetic Reactions After Low-Dose Ketamine Infusion. Comparison with Neuroleptanaesthesia
Recovery Following Ketamine-Diazepam and Thiopental-Fentanyl Infusion Anesthesia with Jet-Ventilation for Laryngomicroscopy
Intravenous Midazolam as a Hypnotic Agent During Neuroleptanalgesia
Hypotensive Anaesthesia for Microsurgery of the Middle Ear. A Comparison Between Enflurane and Halothane
The Effects of Surgery and Anesthesia on Plasma Catecholamine Levels and the Rate of Urea Production in Severely Burned Patients
Spread of Epidural Analgesia in Early Pregnancy
Clinical Studies Concerning the Use of Epidural Morphine for Pain Relief in Labor
Posture and the Spread of Extradural Analgesia in Labour
Pain Relief and Plasma Concentrations from Epidural and Intramuscular Morphine in Post-Cesarean Patients
Hypotension During Epidural Analgesia for Caesarean Section. Arterial and Central Venous Pressure Changes After Acute Intravenous Loading with Two Litres of Hartman's Solution
Epidural Analgesia and Forceps Delivery
A Three-Year Survey of an Obstetric Epidural Service with Top-up Doses Administered by Midwives
Sympathoadrenal Activity, Maternal, Fetal, and Neonatal Responses After Epidural Anesthesia in the Preeclamptic Patient
Fetal and Maternal Plasma Catecholamine Levels at Elective Cesarean Section Under General or Epidural Anesthesia Versus Vaginal Delivery
Efficacy of Sodium Citrate in Raising Gastric pH in Pregnant Patients at the Time of Induction and Emergence from Anesthesia
Fetal and Maternal Cardiovascular Effects of Atropine and Glycopyrrolate
Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery in the Elderly
Coronary Arteriography and Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: Morbidity and Mortality in Patients Ages 65 Years or Older. A Report From the Coronary Artery Surgery Study
The Effect of Glucose Concentration on Spinal Anaesthesia with 0.5% Bupivacaine
Isobaric Bupivacaine and Hyperbaric Amethocaine for Spinal Analgesia. A Clinical Comparison
Plasma Lignocaine Concentrations Following Topical Laryngeal Application
Lidocaine Given Intravenously as a Suppressant of Cough and Laryngospasm in Connection with Extubation After Tonsillectomy
Biphasic Depression of Ventilatory Responses to CO2 Following Epidural Morphine
Femoral Neuropathy
The Preoperative Consultation
Preoperative Electrocardiography
Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Patients for Vascular Surgery
Preanesthetic Evaluation of the Female Geriatric Patient with Hip Fracture
Mechanisms of Perioperative Cerebral Infarction
Postoperative Malignant Hyperthermia Episodes in Patients Who Received “Safe” Anaesthetics
Thromboembolism After Total Hip Replacement
Postoperative Nitrous Oxide Analgesia and the Functional Residual Capacity
Neurological Complications Following General Anaesthesia. Three Cases of Major Paralysis
Immediate and Long-Term Mental Recovery from General Versus Epidural Anesthesia in Elderly Patients
Perineural Injection of Morphine Fails to Relieve Postoperative Pain in Humans
Deaths Associated with Dentistry
What are your current thoughts on the prevention and treatment of pulmonary aspiration of gastric contents?
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New Inventions. A New Laryngoscope