Obesity as an Independent Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Disease
The Effect of Ketamine on Endotoxin-Induced Lung Injury
Sympathoadrenal Responses to Cold and Ketamine Anesthesia in the Rhesus Monkey
Naloxone Reverses the Hypnotic Effect and the Depressed Baroceptor Reflex of Halothane Anaesthesia in the Dog
Narcotic Antagonism by Naloxone. Few Side-Effects After a Short Procedure?
Effect of Antacids on the Plasma Concentration of Phenoperidine
Failure of Various Agents to Decrease Oleic Acid Pulmonary Albumin Leak
Intravenous Verapamil to Relieve Pulmonary Congestion in Patients with Mitral Valve Disease
Intravenous Glycopyrrolate and Atropine at Induction of Anaesthesia
Aminophylline May Act as a Morphine Antagonist
Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of 4-Aminopyridine in Anesthetized Dogs
Arrhythmogenic Plasma Levels of Epinephrine During Halothane, Enflurane and Pentobarbital Anesthesia in the Dog
The Effects of Thiopental on Plasma Renin, Adrenalin, and Noradrenalin During Neurosurgical Procedures with Hypotension
Failure of Diazepam to Prevent the Suxamethonium-Induced Rise in Intraocular Pressure
Hemodynamic Effects of High-Frequency Jet Ventilation
High-Frequency Ventilation in Premature Infants with Lung Disease
Combined High-Frequency Ventilation for Management of Terminal Respiratory Failure
Ventilator-Induced Barotrauma in Controlled Mechanical Ventilation Versus Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation
The Effects of Positive Endexpiratory Pressure (PEEP) or Prolonged Inspiratory Time on Pulmonary Mechanics, Gas Exchange and Haemodynamics During Differential Lung Ventilation
Bypassing a Problem Airway
Using Helium-Oxygen Mixtures in the Management of Acute Upper Airway Obstruction
Barbiturate Therapy in Uncontrolled Intracranial Hypertension
Comparison of Cardiovascular Effects of Thiopental and Pentobarbital at Equivalent Levels of CNS Depression
Spectrum of Susceptibility to Malignant Hyperthermia-Diagnostic Dilemma
Fatal Pulmonary Embolism Secondary to Limb Exsanguination
The Application of Cricoid Pressure
Skin and Central Temperatures During Continuous Epidural Analgesia and General Anaesthesia in Patients Subjected to Open Prostatectomy
Reversal of Hypotension by Continuous Naloxone Infusion in a Ventilator-Dependent Patient
Response of Extravascular Lung Water to Intraoperative Fluids
Quantitative Analysis of Tracheal Damage
Prevention of Air Embolism with Positive End Expiratory Pressure
The Relation of Conjunctival Po2 to Capillary Bed Po2
Prevention of Suctioning-Related Arterial Oxygen Desaturation. Comparison of Off-Ventilator and On-Ventilator Suctioning
Incidence of Aspiration with Endotracheal Tubes in Children
Atracurium During Halothane Anesthesia in Humans
Safety and Efficacy of Atracurium (BW33A) in Surgical Patients Receiving Balanced or Isoflurane Anesthesia
Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Vecuronium (ORG NC45) and Pancuronium in Anesthetized Humans
Potentiation of Succinylcholine
Life-Threatening Anaphylactoid Reactions to Muscle Relaxants
Total Intravenous Anaesthesia With Etomidate-Fentanyl
Oxygen-Fentanyl Anesthesia in Patients with Poor Left Ventricular Function
High-Dose Fentanyl for Neuroanesthesia
A Prospective Evaluation of Cardiac Risk Index
Effects of Lung Disease and Abdominal Surgery on Respiratory Gradients of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide During Anesthesia
Cardiovascular Effects of Isoflurane-Induced Hypotension for Cerebral Aneurysm Surgery
Clinical Experience with Continuous Epidural Infusion of Bupivacaine at 6 ml per Hour in Obstetrics
The Management of Headache Following Accidental Dural Puncture in Obstetric Patients
Type and Screen for Cesarean Section
Open-Heart Surgery in Elderly Patients
Epidural Analgesia and Anticoagulant Therapy
Spinal Conduction Anaesthesia in the Face of Subcutaneously Administered Heparin-Dihydroergot for Thromboembolism Prophylaxis
Effects of Intrathecal Morphine, Injected with Bupivacaine, on Pain After Orthopaedic Surgery
Single Injection Spinal Anaesthesia with Amethocaine and Morphine for Transurethral Prostatectomy
The Antinociceptive Effects of Epidural Opiates in the Cat
Pre-Operative Ranitidine
Evaluation of Creatinine Phosphokinase Screening as a Predictor of Malignant Hyperthermia. A Prospective Study
Preoperative Predictors of Postoperative Pain
Cerebral Outcome After Extracorporeal Circulation
A Comparison of Memory Function Following Local and General Anaesthesia for Extraction of Senile Cataract
Atypical Ventricular Tachycardia (Torsade de Pointes)
On-Demand Analgesia. A Double-Blind Comparison of On-Demand Intravenous Fentanyl With Regular Intramuscular Morphine
Profile of Recovery After General Anaesthesia
Effect of Doxapram on Heavy Sedation Produced by Intravenous Diazepam
Lung Complications After Elective Hip Surgery
Physiologic Requirements During Rewarming
Drug Abuse by Anesthesia Personnel
Conversation in the Operating Theater as a Cause of Airborne Bacterial Contamination
The Stages and Phases of Labour
View of Reviews
Classical File
A New Intratracheal Catheter
Endotracheal Anesthesia and Its Historical Development