Effect of Alveolar Hypoxia on Regional Pulmonary Perfusion
Effect of Carbon Dioxide on Diaphragmatic Function in Human Beings
Effect of Thiopental Therapy on Cerebral Blood Flow After Total Cerebral Ischernia
Ventilation-Perfusion Relationships During Anaesthesia and Abdominal Surgery
Baroreceptor Reflex Control of Heart Rate During Isoflurane Anesthesia in Humans
Prevention of Nitrous Oxide-Induced Megaloblastic Changes in Bone Marrow Using Folinic Acid
Cardiovascular and Metabolic Sequelae of Inducing Anesthesia with Ketamine or Thiopental in Hypovolemic Swine
Effect of Oxygen Concentration, Hyperthermia, and Choice of Vendor on Anesthetic-Induced Hepatic Injury in Rats
Hepatic Injury Induced by Anesthetic Agents in Rats
Pharmacokinetics of Atracurium in Acute Hepatic Failure (with Acute Renal Failure)
Neostigmine Antagonism of Succinylcholine Phase II Block
Reversal of Combination Nondepolarized Neuromuscular Block
Effect of Cimetidine Premedication on Morphine-Induced Ventilatory Depression
Cardiovascular Effects of Pancuronium and Vecuronium During High-Dose Fentanyl Anesthesia
Differences in the Myocardial Depressant Action of Thiopental and Halothane
Effects of Hypersensitivity to a Halothane Metabolite on Halothane-Induced Liver Damage
Ranitidine Does Not Impair Oxidative or Conjugative Metabolism
Inhibition of Theophylline Clearance by Cimetidine but not Ranitidine
Inhibitory Effect of Isoflurane Upon Oxidative Metabolism of Halothane
The Effect of Alcoholic Cirrhosis on the Two Kinetic Components (High and Low Affinity) of the Microsomal O-Deethylation of 7-Ethoxycoumarin in Human Liver
Intra-airway Gas Mixing During High-Frequency Ventilation
High Frequency Ventilation During Surgical Repair of Esophageal Atresia
An Analysis of Major Errors and Equipment Failures in Anesthesia Management
Pattern of Hemodynamic Alterations During Coronary Artery Operations
Effect of Intratracheal Lignocaine, Halothane and Thiopentone on Changes in Plasma Beta-Endorphin Immunoreactivity in Response to Tracheal Intubation
Catecholamine and Endocrine Response in Children During Halothane and Enflurane Anesthesia for Adenoidectomy
Fentanyl Preloading for Rapid-Sequence Induction of Anesthesia
Cerebral Circulation and Metabolism During Enflurane Anesthesia in Humans
Variable Rate Infusion of Alfentanil as a Supplement to Nitrous Oxide Anesthesia for General Surgery
Thiopental Bolus During Carotid Endarterectomy-Rational Drug Therapy?
Rate-Pressure Product Correlates Poorly with Myocardial Oxygen Consumption During Anesthesia in Coronary Patients
Effect of Alfentanil and Fentanyl on Recovery from Brief Anaesthesia
Epidural Morphine Analgesia After Cesarean Delivery
Cesarean Section and Perinatal Mortality. A Nine-Year Experience in a City/County Hospital
Neonatal Outcome in Cesarean Section Under General Anesthesia, Related to Gestational Age, Induction-Delivery and Uterus-Delivery Intervals
Peridural Anesthesia for Cesarean Section Employing A Bupivacaine-Fentanyl Combination
Ventilation-Perfusion Relationships During Epidural Analgesia
Venous Pressures During Simulated Bier's Block
Alpha1-Acid Glycoprotein and Albumin in Human Serum Bupivacaine Binding
Anesthesia in the Morbidly Obese. A Comparison of Anaesthetic and Analgesic Regimens for Upper Abdominal Surgery
Measurement of the Depth of the Extradural Space Using Ultrasound
Mechanisms of Gas Transport During Ventilation by High-Frequency Oscillation
Prognosis After Recovery from First Acute Myocardial Infarction
Non-Cardiac Surgery in Patients with Prior Myocardial Revascularization
Gastric Emptying and Drug Absorption Before Surgery
Prognosis After Myocardial Infarction
Malignant Hyperthermia After Oral and Intravenous Pretreatment with Dantrolene in a Patient Susceptible to Malignant Hyperthermia
Epidemiology in Anaesthesia
The Minimum Anesthetic Concentration of Isoflurane in Children
Quantification of Intralaryngeal Pressure Exerted by Endotracheal Tubes
Perception of a Critically Ill Patient Experiencing Therapeutic Paralysis in an ICU
Treatment of Status Asthmaticus with Halothane