Assessment of Splanchnic Oxygenation by Gastric Tonometry in Patients with Acute Circulatory Failure
Effect of Nitrous Oxide on Cerebral Blood Flow in Normal Humans
Sustained Pulmonary Hypertension in Surgical Patients
Relation of Hypocapnic Symptoms to Rate of Fall of End-Tidal PCO2 in Normal Subjects
Phenytoin Induced Resistance to Vecuronium
A Potentially Hazardous Interaction Between Erythromycin and Midazolam
The Effect of the Pericardium on Right and Left Ventricular Diastolic Functions During Isoflurane Anesthesia
Pancuronium Does Not Alter the Hemodynamic Status of Piglets After Normoxia or Hypoxia
Chronic Alcoholism Increases the Induction Dose of Propofol in Humans
Influence of Inhaled Anesthetics on the Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Morphine
Effect of Enflurane and Isoflurane on Norepinephrine Kinetics
Interactions of Preoperative Erythromycin Administration with General Anesthesia
Isoflurane-Induced Splanchnic Sympathectomy
Anesthesia by n-Alkanes Not Consistent with the Meyer-Overton Hypothesis
Tracheal Tube Cuff Inflation as an Aid to Blind Nasotracheal Intubation
Plasma Inorganic Fluoride Levels with Sevoflurane Anesthesia in Morbidly Obese and Nonobese Patients
Laparoscopy in High-Risk Cardiac Patients
Nitrous Oxide Does Not Influence the Surgeon's Rating of Operating Conditions in Lower Abdominal Surgery
Impact of Anesthetic Agents on Patients with Sickle Cell Disease
Morphine Does Not Affect the Awakening Concentration of Sevoflurane
Major Morbidity and Mortality Within 1 Month of Ambulatory Surgery and Anesthesia
Halothane as an Anesthetic for Fetal Surgery
Vital Capacity Rapid Inhalation Induction Technique
The Influence of Volatile Anesthetics on Portwine Stain
Dose-Response Relation and Time Course of Action of Pipecuronium in Patients Anesthetized with Nitrous Oxide and Sevoflurane
Circulatory Responses During Electroconvulsive Therapy
Coagulation Studies in the Preeclamptic Parturient
Accidental Dural Puncture in Obstetric Patients and Long Term Symptoms
Association Between Epidural Analgesia During Labor and Fever
Using the Oculocephalic Reflex to Assess Effective Retrobulbar Anesthesia
Comparison of the Effect of EMLA Cream, Subcutaneous Ring Anaesthesia and a Double Cuff Technique in the Prevention of Tourniquet Pain
Improved Postoperative Analgesia with Morphine Added to Axillary Block Solution
Epidural Anesthesia and Analgesia Do Not Affect Energy Expenditure After Major Abdominal Surgery
Comparison of an Ephedrine Infusion with Crystalloid Administration for Prevention of Hypotension During Spinal Anesthesia
How Many Interscalenic Blocks Are There? A Comparison Between the Lateral and Posterior Approach
Retrobulbar Anesthesia Risk
Experience with Regional Anesthesia in Patients Receiving Low Molecular Weight Heparins
An Audit of the Preoperative Investigation of Surgical Patients
Identifying High-Risk Patients Before Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery
Importance of Long-Duration Postoperative ST-Segment Depression in Cardiac Morbidity After Vascular Surgery
Patient Knowledge of Operative Care
Blood Pressure Responses After Carotid Surgery
The Cost-Efficiency of Incentive Spirometry After Abdominal Surgery
Morphine Injected Around the Stellate Ganglion Does Not Modulate the Sympathetic Nervous System nor Does it Provide Pain Relief
The Role of Peripheral Sudomotor Blockade in the Treatment of Patients with Sympathetically Maintained Pain
Patient-Controlled Extradural Analgesia to Compare Bupivacaine, Fentanyl, and Bupivacaine with Fentanyl in the Treatment of Postoperative Pain
Enhancement of the Epidural Morphine-Induced Analgesia by Systemic Nifedipine
Interpleural Analgesia in Postcholecystectomy Patients
Perioperative Gastric Aspiration Increases Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting in Outpatients
Inhaled Induction and Emergence from Desflurane Anesthesia in the Ambulatory Surgical Patient
Use of Ultrasound to Evaluate Internal Jugular Vein Anatomy and to Facilitate Central Venous Cannulation in Paediatric Patients
Continuous Epidural Analgesia in Newborn Infants Undergoing Major Surgery
Epidural Fentanyl Infusion with Patient-Controlled Epidural Analgesia for Postoperative Analgesia in Children
Cardiovascular Effects of I.V. Induction in Children
Plasma Fentanyl Levels in Infants Undergoing Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
Effects of Tolazoline and Prostacyclin on Pulmonary Hypertension in Infants After Cardiac Surgery
Influence of Aging on the Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Doxacurium
Effects of Preoperative Suggestion on Postoperative Gastrointestinal Motility
Alterations in Pain Threshold and Psychomotor Response Associated with Subanesthetic Concentrations of Inhalation Anesthetics in Humans
An Analysis of 9,918 Consecutive Perioperative Autotransfusions
The Appropriateness of Hysterectomy
Frequency of Glove Perforations and Subsequent Blood Contact in Association With Selected Surgical Procedures
Effect of Debt Level on the Residency Preferences of Graduating Medical Students
Reluctance of Internists and Medical Nurses to Perform Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation
Survival and Half-life of Red Cells Salvaged After Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery
Gastric Emptying of Solids and Liquids in Obesity
Ureteroscopy Under Local Anaesthesia With and Without Intravenous Analgesia
Selecting Anaesthetists
Effectiveness of Perioperative Recombinant Human Erythropoietin in Elective Hip Replacement
Is the Use of Boxed Gloves in an Intensive Care Unit Safe?
Factors Related to Quality of Life 12 Months After Discharge from an Intensive Care Unit
Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting