Functional Significance of Expiratory Muscles During Spontaneous Breathing in Anesthetized Dogs
Diltiazem Improves Resuscitation from Experimental Ventricular Fibrillation in Dogs
Pharmacodynamics of Mivacurium Chloride in Patients with Hepatic Cirrhosis
Pharmacodynamics of Mivacurium Chloride in Patients with Hepatic Cirrhosis
Isoflurane, Compared to Halothane or Enflurane, Causes Increased Lactate Production But No Transmural Coronary Steal During Myocardial Ischemia in Swine
A Comparison of Seven Antiarrhythmic Drugs in Patients with Ventricular Tachyarrhythmias
Serum Inorganic Fluoride Levels in Mildly Obese Patients During and After Sevoflurane Anesthesia
Comparison of the Direct Effects of Sevoflurane, Isoflurane and Halothane on Isolated Canine Coronary Arteries
A Noninvasive Method of Predicting Pulmonary-Capillary Wedge Pressure
Does Nasotracheal Intubation Increase Complications in Patients with Skull Base Fractures?
Accurate Placement of Central Venous Catheters
The Efficacy of 1.4 Percent Sodium Citrate in Maintaining Arterial Catheter Patency in Patients in a Medical ICU
Anaesthesia for Myocardial Revascularisation
Effects of Steal-Prone Anatomy on Intraoperative Myocardial Ischemia
Prevention of Cerebral Ischaemia Under General Anaesthesia
Hepatic Dysfunction After Repeated Isoflurane Administration
Effect of Diabetes Mellitus on the Cardiovascular Responses to Induction of Anaesthesia and Tracheal Intubation
Myocardial Ischemia
Barbiturates and Hyperventilation During Intracranial Hypertension
Hemodynamic Responses to Tracheal Intubation Following Etomidate and Fentanyl for Anesthetic Induction
Helium Insufflation for Laparoscopic Operation
The Effects of Enflurane on Ocular Blood Flow
Spread of Spinal Anesthesia for Caesarean Section in Singleton and Twin Pregnancies
Assessing Long Term Backache After Childbirth
The Sprotte Needle and Post Dural Puncture Headache Following Caesarean Section
Phenytoin Prophylaxis in Severe Pre-eclampsia and Eclampsia
Opioid Antagonist Adjuncts to Epidural Morphine for Postcesarean Analgesia
The Effect of Nonobstetric Operation During Pregnancy
Stellate Ganglion Blockade
Auditory Function After Spinal Anesthesia
Epidural Catheter Insertion
Efficacy of Preadmission Testing in Ambulatory Surgical Patients
Preoperative Drinking Does Not Affect Gastric Contents
Pulmonary Function and Stress Response After Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
Effect of “Renal-Dose” Dopamine on Renal Function Following Cardiac Surgery
Value and Cost of Teaching Hospitals
The Evolution of Chronic Pain Among Patients with Musculoskeletal Problems
Patient-Controlled Analgesia and Postoperative Urinary Retention After Open Appendectomy
A Randomized Vehicle-Controlled Trial of Topical Capsaicin in the Treatment of Postherpetic Neuralgia
Topical Guanethidine Relieves Dental Hypersensitivity and Pain
Evaluation of the Analgesic Effect of Metoclopramide After Opioid-Free Analgesia
Establishing Intravenous Access
The Effects of Cold Therapy on Postoperative Pain in Gynecologic Patients
Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Extradural Blood Patches
Low-Dose Inhalational Nitric Oxide in Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn
Topical Anesthesia During Circumcision in Newborn Infants
Open Placebo-Controlled Comparison of the Antiemetic Effect of Droperidol, Metoclopramide or a Combination of Both In Pediatric Strabismus Surgery
Histamine Release Following Atracurium in the Elderly
Intensive Care Unit Outcome in the Very Elderly
Cardiovascular Effects of Isoflurane and Halothane in Young and Elderly Adult Patients
Comparison of Infusion Rates of Three I.V. Anaesthetic Agents for Induction in Elderly Patients
Gastric Surgery in Morbid Obesity
Hyperglycaemia and Mortality from Acute Stroke
Cognitive Outcome After Cardiac Operations
Administrative Costs in U.S. Hospitals
Accuracy of Coagulation Studies Performed on Blood Samples Obtained from Arterial Cannulae
Racial Differences in the Incidence of Cardiac Arrest and Subsequent Survival
Detrimental Effects of High-Dose Methylprednisolone Sodium Succinate on Serum Concentrations of Hepatic and Renal Function Indicators in Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock
The Influence of an Anesthetic Regimen on Patient Care, Outcome, and Hospital Charges
Perioperative Stroke in Patients Undergoing Head and Neck Surgery
Increased Cholecystectomy Rate After the Introduction of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
Fetal Thrombocytopenia and Its Relation to Maternal Thrombocytopenia
High-Dose Epinephrine in Adult Cardiac Arrest
Intraoperative Fluid Management