Remifentanil Compared with Alfentanil for Ambulatory Surgery Using Total Intravenous Anesthesia
Recovery After Propofol With and Without Intraoperative Fentanyl in Patients Undergoing Ambulatory Gynecologic Laparoscopy
Dose-Response of Flurbiprofen on Postoperative Pain and Emesis After Pediatric Strabismus Surgery
Perioperative Maintenance of Normothermia Reduces the Incidence of Morbid Cardiac Events
A Prospective Randomized Study Comparing Short- and Intermediate-Term Perioperative Outcome Variables After Spinal or General Anesthesia for Lumbar Disk and Laminectomy Surgery
Cerebral Ischemic Disorders and Cerebral Oxygen Balance During Cardiopulmonary Bypass Surgery
Tranexamic Acid Reduces Transfusions and Mediastinal Drainage in Repeat Cardiac Surgery
Effects of Dopamine on Oxygen Consumption and Gastric Mucosal Blood Flow During Cardiopulmonary Bypass in Humans
Small, Oral Dose of Clonidine Reduces the Incidence of Intraoperative Myocardial Ischemia in Patients Having Vascular Surgery
Clonidine for Major Vascular Surgery in Hypertensive Patients
Effect of Subcutaneous Tunneling on Internal Jugular Catheter-Related Sepsis in Critically Ill Patients
AIDS in a Medical Intensive Care Unit
Changes in Cerebral Hemodynamics After a Single Dose of Clonidine in Severely Head-Injured Patients
Pancuronium Increases Pulmonary Arterial Pressure in Lung Injury
Descending Necrotizing Mediastinitis
Streptokinase for Acute Ischemic Stroke with Relationship to Time of Administration
Early Tracheal Extubation After Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery Reduces Costs and Improves Use
Application of Cost-Utility and Quality-Adjusted Life Years Analyses to Monitored Anesthesia Care for Sedation Only
Effects of Intravenous Lidocaine and/or Esmolol on Hemodynamic Responses to Laryngoscopy and Intubation
Acetaminophen Predisposes to Renal and Hepatic Injury from Compound A in the Fasting Rat
Propofol Infusion for Induction and Maintenance of Anesthesia in Elderly Patients
Spinal Anaesthesia with 0.5% Hyperbaric Bupivacaine in Elderly Patients
Patient-Controlled Propofol Sedation for Elderly Patients
Intraoperative Jugular Desaturation During Surgery for Traumatic Intracranial Hematomas
Changes in the Cerebral Arteriovenous Oxygen Content Difference by Surgical Incision Are Similar During Sevoflurane and Isoflurane Anaesthesia
Effects of Rocuronium and Vecuronium on Intracranial Pressure, Mean Arterial Pressure and Heart Rate in Neurosurgical Patients
Pulmonary Embolism Following Embolization of an Arteriovenous Malformation
Decreased Thiopental Requirements in Early Pregnancy
Intraoperative Antiemetic Efficacy of Prophylactic Ondansetron Versus Droperidol for Cesarean Section Patients Under Epidural Anesthesia
Hepatic Rupture Complicating Eclampsia in Pregnancy
Cocaine Screening of Parturients Without Prenatal Care
The Dermatomal Spread of Epidural Bupivacaine With and Without Prior Intrathecal Sufentanil
Epidemiology and Morbidity of Regional Anesthesia in Children
Propofol or Halothane Anesthesia for Children with Asthma
Clinical Characteristics and Biotransformation of Sevoflurane in Pediatric Patients During Antiepileptic Drug Therapy
A Comparative Study of Early Postoperative Hypoxemia in Infants, Children, and Adults Undergoing Elective Plastic Surgery
Thrombolytic Therapy for Treatment of Pulmonary Embolism in the Postoperative Period
The Effect of Laryngeal Mask Cuff Pressure on Postoperative Sore Throat Incidence
A Comparison of Ondansetron and Prochlorperazine for the Prevention of Nausea and Vomiting After Tympanoplasty
Neurologic Symptoms After Accidental Administration of Epidural Glucose
Asystole During Temporomandibular Joint Arthrotomy
Refractory Dystonia During Propofol Anesthesia in a Patient with Torticollis-Dystonia Disorder
Arytenoid Cartilage Necrosis
Acute Biceps Compartment Syndrome Associated with the Use of a Noninvasive Blood Pressure Monitor
Cardiovascular Collapse During Anesthesia in a Patient with Preoperatively Discontinued Chronic MAO Inhibitor Therapy
Importance of the Organ-Independent Elimination of Cisatracurium
Somatosensory Evoked Potentials During Hypoxia and Hypocapnia in Conscious Humans
A Similar Incidence of Transient Neurologic Symptoms After Spinal Anesthesia with 2% and 5% Lidocaine
Incidence of Neurologic Complications Related to Thoracic Epidural Catheterization
Epidural Anesthesia and Spinal Hematoma
Factors Associated with Hypotension and Bradycardia After Epidural Blockade
Radiographic Findings of Unilateral Epidural Block
Digital Pressure During Interscalene Block Is Clinically Ineffective in Preventing Anesthetic Spread to the Cervical Plexus
The Efficacy of Axillary Block for Surgical Procedures About the Elbow
A Minimum Dose of Clonidine Added to Mepivacaine Prolongs the Duration of Anesthesia and Analgesia After Axillary Brachial Plexus Block
The Effect of Prior Dural Puncture on Cisternal Cerebrospinal Fluid Morphine Concentrations in Sheep After Administration of Lumbar Epidural Morphine
Postoperative Epidural Opioid Analgesia
Intrathecal Ketamine Reduces Morphine Requirements in Patients with Terminal Cancer Pain
Detection of Gas Embolism by Transesophageal Echocardiography During Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
Endovascular Management of Hemorrhage in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer
The Efficacy of Single-Dose Aprotinin 2 Million KIU in Reducing Blood Loss and Its Impact on the Incidence of Deep Venous Thrombosis in Patients Undergoing Total Hip Replacement Surgery
Adding Heparin to Aspirin Reduces the Incidence of Myocardial Infarction and Death in Patients with Unstable Angina
Reversal of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy in Essential Hypertension
Predictors of Type of Vascular Access in Hemodialysis Patients
The Effect of Acute Renal Failure on Mortality
Reversible Membranous Nephropathy Associated with the Use of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
Liver Transplantation Without the Use of Fresh Frozen Plasma
Liver Transplantation in the Morbidly Obese