Comparison of the Sedation and Recovery Profiles of Ro 48–6791, a New Benzodiazepine, and Midazolam in Combination with Meperidine for Outpatient Endoscopic Procedures
Comparison of Vital Capacity Induction with Sevoflurane to Intravenous Induction with Propofol for Adult Ambulatory Anesthesia
Disseminating Information Using an Anesthesiology Consultant Report: Impact on Patient Perceptions of Quality of Care
Reduced Resource Utilization in Patients Treated for Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting with Dolasetron Mesylate
Efficacy of Repeat Intravenous Dosing of Ondansetron in Controlling Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Multicenter Trial
The Effect of Transesophageal Echocardiography on Ventilation in Small Infants Undergoing Cardiac Surgery
Risk Factors of Delayed Extubation, Prolonged Length of Stay in the Intensive Care Unit, and Mortality in Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Graft with Fast-Track Cardiac Anesthesia: A New Cardiac Risk Score
Intraoperative Hemodynamic Predictors of Mortality, Stroke, and Myocardial Infarction After Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
Effect of Omitting Regular ACE Inhibitor Medication Before Cardiac Surgery on Haemodynamic Variables and Vasoactive Drug Requirements
An Assessment of the Safety of Short-Term Amiodarone Therapy in Cardiac Surgical Patients with Fentanyl-Isoflurane Anesthesia
Long-Term Benefit of Primary Angioplasty as Compared with Thrombolytic Therapy for Acute Myocardial Infarction
Coronary Angioplasty With or Without Stent Implantation for Acute Myocardial Infarction
Improved Clinical Outcome After Widespread Use of Coronary-Artery Stenting in Canada
Estimating the Duration of a Case When the Surgeon Has Not Recently Scheduled the Procedure at the Surgical Suite
Factors Associated with Use of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Seriously Ill Hospitalized Adults
Conflicts Regarding Decisions to Limit Treatment: A Differential Diagnosis
Compound A Uptake and Metabolism to Mercapturic Acids and 3,3,3-Trifluoro-2-fluoromethoxypropanoic Acid During Low-Flow Sevoflurane Anesthesia: Biomarkers for Exposure, Risk Assessment, and Interspecies Comparison
Recovery of Cognitive Function After Remifentanil-Propofol Anesthesia: A Comparison with Desflurane and Sevoflurane Anesthesia
Preoperative Anxiety and Intraoperative Anesthetic Requirements
Remifentanil vs. Fentanyl During Intervention Rigid Bronchoscopy Under General Anaesthesia and Spontaneous Assisted Ventilation
Recovery and Pharmacokinetic Parameters of Desflurane, Sevoflurane, and Isoflurane in Patients Undergoing Urologic Procedures
Amsorb: A New Carbon Dioxide Absorbent for Use in Anesthetic Breathing Systems
Influence of Age on Hypnotic Requirement, Bispectral Index, and 95% Spectral Edge Frequency Associated with Sedation Induced by Sevoflurane
Beneficial Effects from β-Adrenergic Blockade in Elderly Patients Undergoing Noncardiac Surgery
Cerebral Hemodynamic Effects of Morphine and Fentanyl in Patients with Severe Head Injury: Absence of Correlation to Cerebral Autoregulation
Incidence of Venous Air Embolism During Craniectomy for Craniosynostosis Repair
Cerebrovascular Carbon Dioxide Reactivity During General Anesthesia: A Comparison Between Sevoflurane and Isoflurane
Predictors of Recommendation and Acceptance of Intrapartum Epidural Analgesia
Intrathecal Neostigmine and Sufentanil for Early Labor Analgesia
Controversies of Labor Epidural Analgesia
Prevention of Hypotension by a Single 5-mg Dose of Ephedrine During Small-Dose Spinal Anesthesia in Prehydrated Cesarean Delivery Patients
Intraoperative and Postoperative Analgesic Efficacy and Adverse Effects of Intrathecal Opioids in Patients Undergoing Cesarean Section with Spinal Anesthesia: A Qualitative and Quantitative Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials
Rapacuronium for Modified Rapid Sequence Induction in Elective Caesarean Section: Neuromuscular Blocking Effects and Safety Compared with Succinylcholine and Placental Transfer
Neuromuscular Effects of Mivacurium in 2- to 12-yr-old Children with Burn Injury
Effect of Out-of-Hospital Pediatric Endotracheal Intubation on Survival and Neurological Outcome: A Controlled Clinical Trial
Preoperative Anxiety and Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting in Children: Is There an Association?
Cardiovascular Criteria for Epidural Test Dosing in Sevoflurane-and Halothane-Anesthetized Children
New York State Guidelines on the Topical Use of Phenylephrine in the Operating Room
Effects of Respiratory and Metabolic pH Changes and Hypoxia on Ropivacaine-Induced Cardiotoxicity in Dogs
Approaches to the Prevention of Perioperative Myocardial Ischemia
The Effect of Bisoprolol on Perioperative Mortality and Myocardial Infarction in High-Risk Patients Undergoing Vascular Surgery
Perioperative and Long-Term Mortality Rates After Major Vascular Surgery: The Relationship to Preoperative Testing in the Medicare Population
Design of Appointment Systems for Preanesthesia Evaluation Clinics to Minimize Patient Waiting Times: A Review of Computer Simulation and Patient Survey Studies
Anesthetic and Perioperative Management of Transplant Recipients in Nontransplant Surgery
Supplemental Perioperative Oxygen to Reduce the Incidence of Surgical-Wound Infection
A Comparison of Two Techniques for Cervical Plexus Blockade: Evaluation of Efficacy and Systemic Toxicity
Sex Differences in Cholinergic Analgesia I: A Supplemental Nicotinic Mechanism in Normal Females
Sex Differences in Cholinergic Analgesia II: Differing Mechanisms in Two Models of Allodynia
A Comparison of Osteopathic Spinal Manipulation with Standard Care for Patients with Low Back Pain
The Effectiveness of Preemptive Analgesia Varies According to the Type of Surgery: A Randomized, Double-Blind Study
Nocturnal Oxygenation During Patient-Controlled Analgesia
Tramadol Suppositories Are Less Suitable for Postoperative Pain Relief than Rectal Acetaminophen/Codeine
Asymptomatic Intranasal Abnormalities Influencing the Choice of Nostril for Nasotracheal Intubation
The Effect of Remifentanil on the Bispectral Index Change and Hemodynamic Responses after Orotracheal Intubation
Increasing Isoflurane Concentration May Cause Paradoxical Increases in the EEG Bispectral Index in Surgical Patients
Carcinoid Syndrome and the Anesthetic Use of Octreotide: A Review
The Effect of the Volume of Procedures at Transplantation Centers on Mortality After Liver Transplantation
A Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness of Cell Salvage to Minimize the Perioperative Allogeneic Blood Transfusion in Cardiac and Orthopedic Surgery
French Survey of Anesthesia in 1996
Clinical Assessment of Malpractice Scenarios in an Anesthesiology Department
Relationship Between Malpractice Litigation and Human Errors
Airway Injury During Anesthesia: A Closed Claims Analysis
The Problems with Punitive Damages in Lawsuits Against Managed-Care Organizations