Early But No Long-term Benefit of Regional Compared With General Anesthesia for Ambulatory Hand Surgery
Nausea and Vomiting After Outpatient ACL Reconstruction With Regional Anesthesia
Comparison of a Lower-Lipid Propofol Emulsion With the Standard Emulsion for Sedation During Monitored Anesthesia Care
Off-Pump Versus Conventional Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
Activation of Hemostasis After Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting With or Without Cardiopulmonary Bypass
The Impact of Heparin-Coated Cardiopulmonary Bypass Circuits on Pulmonary Function and the Release of Inflammatory Mediators
Adverse Gastrointestinal Complications After Cardiopulmonary Bypass
Evaluation of the Neuroprotective Effects of S(+)-Ketamine During Open-heart Surgery
Choice of Primary Anesthetic Regimen Can Influence Intensive Care Unit Length of Stay After Coronary Surgery With Cardiopulmonary Bypass
Extremely Preterm Birth and Parental Authority to Refuse Treatment-The Case of Sidney Miller
Cricoid Pressure Does Not Increase the Rate of Failed Intubation by Direct Laryngoscopy in Adults
Effect of Cricoid Pressure on the View at Laryngoscopy
Laryngotracheal Topicalization With Lidocaine Before Intubation Decreases the Incidence of Coughing on Emergence From General Anesthesia
Does Benzydamine Hydrochloride Applied Preemptively Reduce Sore Throat Due to Laryngeal Mask Airway?
Fires From the Interaction of Anesthetics With Desiccated Absorbent
Mortality Analysis in Hip Fracture Patients
The Cerebrovascular Response to Hypocapnia in Children Receiving Propofol
Supplementary Oxygen for Elective Caesarean Section under Spinal Anaesthesia
Prophylactic Phenylephrine Infusion for Preventing Hypotension During Spinal Anesthesia for Cesarean Delivery
Hypnosis for Pain Relief in Labour and Childbirth
Effects on the Fetus and Newborn of Maternal Analgesia and Anesthesia
Impact of Anesthesia Management Characteristics on Severe Morbidity and Mortality
Treatment of Uncontrolled Hemorrhage Shock After Liver Trauma
Preoperative Evaluation of Pediatric Surgical Patients with Multisystem Considerations
Intraoperative Hyperglycemia During Infant Cardiac Surgery is Not Associated With Adverse Neurodevelopmental Outcomes at 1, 4, and 8 Years
The McCoy Straight Blade Does Not Improve Laryngoscopy and Intubation in Normal Infants
Bispectral Index During Isoflurane Anesthesia in Pediatric Patients
Lumbar Plexus in Children
Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters
Comparison of the LMA-ProSealTM and LMA-ClassicTM in Children
Efficacy of Prophylactic Intravenous Granisetron in Postoperative Emesis in Adults
Corticosteroids and Inhaled Salbutamol in Patients With Reversible Airway Obstruction Markedly Decrease the Incidence of Bronchospasm After Tracheal Intubation
Severe Neurological Complications After Central Neuraxial Blockades in Sweden 1990-1999
Injuries and Liability Related to Central Vascular Catheters
Propofol-Induced Injection Pain
Influence of Hemorrhagic Shock Followed by Crystalloid Resuscitation on Propofol
The Effect of Insulin on the Resuscitation of Bupivacaine-Induced Severe Cardiovascular Toxicity in Dogs
Opioid-Hypnotic Synergy
Comparison of Hyperbaric and Plain Ropivacaine 15 mg in Spinal Anaesthesia for Lower Limb Surgery
A Prospective, Randomized Evaluation of the Effects of Epidural Needle Rotation on the Distribution of Epidural Block
Bupivacaine in Microcapsules Prolongs Analgesia After Subcutaneous Infiltration in Humans
Optimal Head Rotation for Internal Jugular Vein Cannulation When Relying on External Landmarks
Effects of Anesthetic Agents and Physiologic Changes on Intraoperative Motor Evoked Potentials
A Comparison of Bispectral Index and Rapidly Extracted Auditory Evoked Potentials Index Responses to Noxious Stimulation During Sevoflurane Anesthesia
MELD Scores of Liver Transplant Recipients According to Size of Waiting List Impact of Organ Allocation and Patient Outcomes
Regional Cerebral Oxygen Saturation Is a Sensitive Marker of Cerebral Hypoperfusion During Orthotopic Liver Transplantation
Transfusion Predictors in Liver Transplant
Leukocyte Reduction During Orthotopic Liver Transplantation and Postoperative Outcome
Conservative Treatment of Tracheal Injuries
Lifestyle, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Risk Factors 10 Years After Bariatric Surgery
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