Off-Pump or On-Pump Coronary-Artery Bypass Grafting at 30 Days
Prognostic Implications of Preoperative E/e′ Ratio in Patients With Off-Pump Coronary Artery Surgery
Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia Is an Important Risk Factor for Mortality After Major Cardiac Surgery
Alveolar Recruitment Improves Ventilation During Thoracic Surgery
Immunosuppression in Patients Who Die of Sepsis and Multiple Organ Failure
Advances in the Management of Sepsis and the Understanding of Key Immunologic Defects
Tracheal Intubation in the Critically Ill
Strategies to Prevent Airway Complications
Comparison of Equipressor Doses of Norepinephrine, Epinephrine, and Phenylephrine on Septic Myocardial Dysfunction
Patient Blood Management
Factors Affecting Admission to Anesthesiology Residency in the United States
Anesthesiology Residents’ Medical School Debt Influence on Moonlighting Activities, Work Environment Choice, and Debt Repayment Programs
Modern Anaesthesia Training
Rapid Sequence Induction and Intubation With Rocuronium-Sugammadex Compared With Succinylcholine
Hemoglobin Desaturation After Propofol/Remifentanil-Induced Apnea
Postoperative Delirium
Cognitive Trajectories After Postoperative Delirium
Oxycodone Clearance Is Markedly Reduced With Advancing Age
Hypotension From Spinal Anesthesia in Patients Aged Greater Than 80 Years Is Due to a Decrease in Systemic Vascular Resistance
Computed Tomography-Estimated Specific Gravity at Hospital Admission Predicts 6-Month Outcome in Mild-to-Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury Patients Admitted to the Intensive Care Unit
Glucose Variability Negatively Impacts Long-Term Functional Outcome in Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury
Metoclopramide for Nausea and Vomiting Prophylaxis During and After Caesarean Delivery
Peripartum Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Possible Effects of Anaesthetic Management on 1-Yr Followed-Up Risk of Herpes Zoster After Caesarean Deliveries
Non-Invasive Haemoglobin Measurement in Patients Undergoing Elective Caesarean Section
Effect of Acupuncture on Nausea and/or Vomiting During and After Cesarean Section in Comparison With Ondansetron
Prior Epidural Lidocaine Alters the Pharmacokinetics and Drug Effects of Extended-Release Epidural Morphine (DepoDur™) After Cesarean Delivery
Transfer of Parecoxib and Its Primary Active Metabolite Valdecoxib Via Transitional Breastmilk Following Intravenous Parecoxib Use After Cesarean Delivery
Effect of Different Quantities of a Sugared Clear Fluid on Gastric Emptying and Residual Volume in Children
Acute Airway Obstruction and Tracheal Laceration During Gastrostomy Placement in an Infant With Tracheoesophageal Fistula
Poor Accuracy of Noninvasive Cardiac Output Monitoring Using Bioimpedance Cardiography [PhysioFlow®] Compared to Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Pediatric Patients
Ultrasound Assessment of Cranial Spread During Caudal Blockade in Children
Secondary Spread of Caudal Block as Assessed by Ultrasonography
Dexamethasone for the Prophylaxis of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting Associated With Neuraxial Morphine Administration
Hemodynamic Perturbations During Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy in 45° Trendelenburg Position
A Scoring System to Predict Unplanned Intubation in Patients Having Undergone Major Surgical Procedures
The Pharmacokinetics of Ketorolac After Single Postoperative Intranasal Administration in Adolescent Patients
Variation in the Practice of Preoperative Medical Consultation for Major Elective Noncardiac Surgery
High STOP-Bang Score Indicates a High Probability of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
Factors Associated With Survival After Resection of Colorectal Adenocarcinoma in 314 Patients
Determination of Residual Antiplatelet Activity of Clopidogrel Before Neuraxial Injections
Ophthalmic Regional Blockade Complication Rate
Meningitis or Epidural Abscesses After Neuraxial Block for Removal of Infected Hip or Knee Prostheses
The Effect of Neuraxial Versus General Anesthesia Techniques on Postoperative Quality of Recovery and Analgesia After Abdominal Hysterectomy
Preventive Analgesia
Prevention of Chronic Postsurgical Pain Using Gabapentin and Pregabalin
The Safety of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Patients With Programmable Implanted Intrathecal Drug Delivery Systems
Is a Neutral Head Position Safer Than 45-Degree Neck Rotation During Ultrasound-Guided Internal Jugular Vein Cannulation? Results of a Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial
Pulmonary Thromboembolism During Adult Liver Transplantation
Central Venous Thrombosis and Perioperative Vascular Access in Adult Intestinal Transplantation
Bariatric Surgery and Long-Term Cardiovascular Events
Accuracy of Identification of the Cricothyroid Membrane in Female Subjects Using Palpation
Risk of Natalizumab-Associated Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy
Quality and Outcomes in Anaesthesia