Weed control with pre and post emergence herbicides application in spring planted sugarcane

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An experiment was conducted to know the effect of atrazine, paraquat and glyphosate on the weeds and cane yield of spring planted sugarcane at Regional Research Station, Kheri, Sangrur during 2001-02. The data on cane yield revealed that highest cane yield was recorded where the round up at 3.0 lha-1 was applied as post-emergence but it was at par in cane yield obtained where lower dose of round up at 2.5 lha-1, atrataf 50 WP at 2.0 kg/ha followed by lower (2.5 lha-1) and higher dose (3.0 lha-1) of round up were applied to control the weeds with the weed control efficiency 81.2, 82.4,78.3 and 76.3 per cent. However, the differences were also non-significant with the inter-culture treatment. But the cane yield obtained with the application of atrataf 50 WP at 2.0 kgha-1 followed by gramoxone at 1.5 lha-1 produced the significantly lower cane yield than the application of round up at 3.0 lha-1. Whereas, all the treatments of weed control gave the significantly higher cane yield over the control.

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