Determination of invert ratio in juice to study the maturity trend of sugarcane clones and its relationship with other quality characters

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An attempt was made to study the invert ratio in juice of top and bottom portion of 30 clones at 9, 10, 11 and 12 months. Differences between varieties, between stages and between top and bottom portions, interactions between varieties and stages, between varieties and portions, between stages and portions, interactions between varieties, stages and portions were significant. The mean invert ratio in juice of 4 stages ranged from 1.59 in CoC. 671 to 5.56 in Co 7717 in top portion of the cane and from 0.62 in Co C. 671 to 3.30 in CP 44-101 in bottom portion of the cane. The lowest invert ratio was 0.39 in CoC. 671 at 12 months in bottom portion cane while 12.54 in Co 7717 at 9 months in top cane juice was the highest. Co 775, Co 997, Co 62174, Co 6806, Co 7201, Co 7204, Co 7304, Co 7508, Co 7704, Co 7712, CoJ 64, CoC. 671 and CoA 7601 were classified as early maturing at 10.moths. Remaining 17 varieties were classified as late maturing both in top and bottom portions. Invert ratio in juice had significant positive correlations with reducing sugars, glucose, fructose and negative associations with brix, sucrose, purity, C. C. S%, hand refractrometer brix, F/G ratio, HR brix T/B ratio in top and bottom portion cane juice at 9, 10, 11 and 12 months.

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