Effect of ryegrass intercropping on the yield and net profit of autumn planted sugarcane

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Field studies were conducted on the intercropping of ryegrass in autumn planted sugarcane on sandy loam soil at Regional Research Station (PAU), Kheri (Sangrur) during 2000-01 and 2001-02. Cane yield reduced significantly with the sowing of ryegrass as intercrop in sugarcane. However, maximum reduction in cane yield was recorded with the sowing of two rows of ryegrass where double cut was taken for green fodder. The intercropping systems as sugarcane + ryegrass single cut (1:1), sugarcane + ryegrass double cut (1:1) and sugarcane + ryegrass single cut (1:2) gave statistically higher net profit which was of Rs.13904, 4987 and 6338 per hectare more as compared to sole crop of sugarcane. The lowest net profit was observed under the sugarcane + ryegrass double cut (1:2) could be due to the higher competition with the main crop of sugarcane for inputs and natural resources as soil and water. There is need of further research work to find out the fertilizer requirement for sugarcane + ryegrass intercropping because ryegrass response to nitrogen is very high being a high yielding, fast growing and multicut grass.

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