Sugarcane oligosaccharides and their impact on sucrose quality and factory efficiency

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The effect of post-harvest cane deterioration on morphology of sucrose crystal is discussed in this paper. Two sugar factories located in distant regions receiving burnt cane one of them using mechanical “A” and the other one a manual cut “B.” were selected. In both cases, a practical linear dependence between the physical structure of sucrose crystals and the oligosaccharides concentrations in the factory products has been worked out. As an effective solution to diminish the formation of needle like crystals and loss of industrial efficiency due to cut-to-crush delay, the use of a enzyme inhibitor (IFOPOL) was recommended. IFOPOL reduces the deterioration of cane during the mechanical harvest. This product possesses a remarkable capacity to inhibit cane or microbial enzymes, which are linked to the degradation of sucrose and the oligosaccharides and polysaccharides formation. The effect of IFOPOL on burnt whole canes is shown, it remarkebly improves Pol and purity of juices in the treated canes.

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